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Our mission

At Airios we love to create a healthier world with state-of-the-art climate controls for homes and buildings. Airios develops and produces control systems for residential ventilation and heating systems. We strive to be a frontrunner in technology and continuously develop new solutions, helping to offer the most comfortable and healthy indoor climate in homes. We are a market leader in control systems for the residential original equipment manufacturer (OEM) industry and have more than 30 years of experience in heating and ventilation controls.

Ventilation has become an important part of our daily lives. Good ventilation ensures that harmful substances are removed from the indoor air. Ventilation also ensures that moist air disappears from the room, because indoor air quickly becomes moist through perspiration, exhalation, cooking and showering. How cool is it that we produce the software and hardware for these ventilation products?

Our portfolio of products consists of controllers, sensors and user interfaces that are all connected wirelessly. We work closely with our customers to develop new and innovative products.

Our products and systems are developed by multidisciplinary project teams of hardware and software engineers. Not exactly the average company, right? Airios wants to create awareness about ventilation and set the example for the industry.

Our values

We create value through our people. We act as one team and positively challenge each other for great results. We established six core values we believe define us:

Ambitious, Leading, Accessible, Try and improve, Surprise and Enjoy.

What we do, we do best. We like to surprise our customers and excel. Doing what you are passionate about is key for personal and business success. At Airios we challenge our people: 'create your own comfort zone'

We believe in taking the freedom to do things differently; that’s what makes us original and disruptive. We love what we do and keep laughing. Having fun keeps us energized to ‘build for comfort’.


Our careers

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Embedded Software Engineer


Chief Financial Officer


Production Manager


Software Engineer - starter

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Senior Embedded Software engineer

Internship graduation

Are you looking for an innovative and challenging internship/graduation assignment?



Product Marketing & Sales

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An invitation for a new comfort zone

We are a leading HVAC controls manufacturer with a diverse range of opportunities, from software and hardware engineering to marketing and production. Looking for a next step in your career, you've come to the right place. Please check our current job opportunities!

Join the Airios team


is knocking


open minded and dedicated

We love to learn your passions and talents. What is it you're good at? Tell us about the things that make you forget time. At Airios we believe you make the best stuff by doing what you are good at. Get in your comfort zone and make the work flow. 

Read about the Values of Airios

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"It gives me great pleasure to work at Airios and I have a lot of opportunities to grow."

Bjorn Berkvens, analyst

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Advance your career at Airios

In our company, you'll be at the center of action, whether it's helping design new products or making game-changing strategic business decisions.

Product design

Customer care





Find your place at Airios

Where do you feel comfortable? Explore our opportunities to find out how you can create your own comfort zone.

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