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At Airios we encourage you to grow your comfort zone. We believe there's nothing wrong with some comfort. We deliver comfort. People need comfort. In your comfort zone you can be creative, innovative and excel in what you are good at. Looking for a comfortable place to build your career? You've come to the right place.

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Senior Embedded Software Engineer

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Embedded Software Engineer


Software Engineer - starter

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Electronics Development Engineer (Connected)

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An invitation for a new comfort zone

We are a leading HVAC controls manufacturer with a diverse range of opportunities, from software and hardware engineering to marketing and production. Looking for a next step in your career, you've come to the right place. Please check our current job opportunities!

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open minded and dedicated

We love to learn your passions and talents. What is it you're good at? Tell us about the things that make you forget time. At Airios we believe you make the best stuff by doing what you are good at. Get in your comfort zone and make the work flow. 

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"It gives me great pleasure to work at Airios and I have a lot of opportunities to grow."

Bjorn Berkvens, software engineer

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In our company, you'll be at the center of action, whether it's helping design new products or making game-changing strategic business decisions.

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Where do you feel comfortable? Explore our opportunities to find out how you can create your own comfort zone.