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Careers at Airios

Will Airios be your
next new step?

Are you at the beginning of your career in technology? Or are you ready to start the next phase? Our door is always open to professionals who share our DNA. Have a look below to see if you are a match for our team. If so, you can find our vacancies at the bottom of this page. We would love to meet you and learn about your talent.  

Airios careers


Airios is where people and technology converge. With technology as our passion and human prowess as our innovative strength. In our close-knit team, we challenge each other and bring out the best in each individual. The proof of our decades of success in this endeavour is reflected in our constant growth. We consistently achieve this by upholding the following core values that define our team.


Only the best is good enough. For us, and therefore also for our partners. They are the leaders in residential construction and they will only remain in that position if we excel in our performance. Day in and day out. At the product and solution level, as well as in terms of service. This ambition drives us in building sustainable comfort at every level.


Those who lead have to demonstrate responsibility. That is why, as market leader, we not only develop smart and clean solutions, but also inspire others with our vision of comfort and healthy air. Because it is only by working together that we can truly contribute to a clean world.  


We are proud residents of Brainport. A region that has grown tall by working openly and transparently with a view to becoming stronger together. We share this mentality. We are open-minded, accessible and share our knowledge with those around us. With partners and customers, as well as with other parties that we can help support in their own sustainability missions.


Our environment of innovation propels our employees to experiment. To surprise each other with their never-ending capacity for innovative thought. But also to have fun and share their passion every single day. This is how we create a fertile work environment where brilliant, cool and sustainable ideas emerge.

Experimentation and improvement

Learning never stops. And rightfully so, because it keeps our minds curious and our spirits young. That’s why we at Airios are progressive and encourage personal growth in our people and relationships. Because that is what makes us happy as human beings. And because we know that this is where the greatest solutions emerge. 


Everyone is at their best in a pleasant, enjoyable and safe environment. That is why we at Airios work towards creating a comfort zone where everyone can thrive in their own way. In a positive and transparent workplace where everyone can be themselves and have trust in each other. Where we enjoy our shared mission of building a world of comfort.

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Our vacancies

We currently have the following vacancies available. Apply now and who knows – we may soon be sitting around the table together.

Want to graduate with Airios?

There is always room for internships and graduation assignments at Airios. These involve the areas of software, hardware as well as marketing and sales. There are plenty of great challenges within these departments. If your preferred specialism is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway.



Marketing & Sales

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