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We create solutions


To ventilate

Healthy and comfortable indoor climate in energy-efficient houses requires cleverly designed ventilation systems. With ventilation controls designed by Airios, we help our customers build best-in-class solutions to manage humidity, CO2 levels, VOCs, allergens etc. in the most energy-efficient way. Our controls are designed for all kinds of indoor demands and outdoor climates -from Italy to Norway- and always comply with local regulations.


Exhaust and supply systems

Balanced and recovery systems

Zoning solutions


To heat


Making heat controls systems is the basis of existence for Airios. Since our early days, we have made controls for smart thermostats and will continue to do so in the future. Energy-efficient houses often use new sources of energy, such as geothermal energy and district heating, but also PV. This requires new and more integrated control solutions. Many heating and cooling functions are already integrated in our ventilations solutions and we foresee this integration to continue.



Underfloor heating & cooling

District heating

Decorative fire


To connect

With the increasing use of sensors and user interfaces in residential heating and ventilation systems, trouble-free communication is critical. When a wired solution is not an option, communication via our wireless Ramses RF protocol is the solution. It allows for 2-way communication between any components of the system. In case of a third-party control unit, our add-on bridge will take care of communication between the control unit and other components.  


Ramses RF protocol

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

RF and add-on bridges


OpenTherm testing tool




More -and more precise- functionality requirements also bring more complexity in programming and in using indoor climate systems. At Airios we recognize the increasing need of our customers, end users and installation companies to simplify interaction with those systems, and it is our ambition to make systems as autonomous as possible.


Wall-mounted user interfaces for ventilation

Built-in user interfaces with display

App and cloud-based interfaces




Sensors for air quality and comfort are quickly gaining ground in today’s heating and ventilation systems. Control of humidity and temperature no longer suffice to guarantee a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Measurement of CO2 and VOC levels, as well as motion, all provide critical information to control indoor heating and ventilation systems. Airios offers a wide range of -wired and wireless- sensors that can be used in the unit, on the wall or built in the wall.


Wall-mounted user interfaces for ventilation

Built-in user interfaces with display

App and cloud-based interfaces



The world around us is changing quickly and customers sometimes ask us for new and unique functionality outside our portfolio. In such cases, we can customize our products to the new specification or develop a completely new solution in cooperation with the customer.  


Cloud and app solutions are costly features to develop for individual companies. To allow our customers and their customers to connect their products and manage their data, we developed the Airios cloud. In combination with the Airios app, we offer a unique solution to install, commission and control all heating and ventilation systems.


Cloud solutions

Custom-made solutions

Joint development

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It's all about comfort

No matter what project we work on or for which client, our commitment to quality never wavers. We aim to improve our customers' lives in small but meaningful ways.