• Flow control for constant flow
    - with heated temperature sensors
    - or via pressure sensors add-on

  • Post heating, post cooling

  • Interaction with app and cloud: “ready for use”

  • Multi purpose inputs (e.g. hood/fireplace)

  • 2x 230VAC inputs for speed selection

  • Bypass via 230VAC or stepper motor 24V unipolar

  • Improved frost protection 

  • Constant volume

  • Setup/installation/production settings via RF possible

  • Ramses RF 868 MHz
    -Ideal for renovation and new projects or to add extra sensors and user interfaces without the need forcables with the device.

  • More powerful processor for future releases

  • USB connector
    - direct connection with servicetool on PC
    - possibilty to use USB in factory

  • Upgradable via USB or RF

  • Fast updates to the cloud

  • Manual bypass control

  • Startup sequence


The Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) ventilation platform
gives you the flexibility to make different solutions for your ventilation systems. For a basic system set up but also for more advanced systems.


The PCB can be used for central residential heat recovery as well as decentral heat recovery systems. The platform is set up to make more economic standard systems up to high valued systems. Two fans can be connected via PWM  which will be controlled based on the software application of the PCB.



The PCB is prepared to support most of your requirements. A standard implementation can be 4 temperature sensors, a bypass valve control and wireless control via sensors, wireless display or manual controls. The options can be set On or Off in a setting list. Also default setting can be adjusted by use of the service/production tool (separate available). For more extensions it is possible to add a piggyback to the PCB. Available at this moment are a piggyback with pressure sensors and one with dip-switches for speed selection. For higher quantities, customization of hardware and software is possible.

VMD-02RPS66 / VMD-02RPS78


Heat Recovery Unit - VMD-02RPS66 / S78



Mechanical extraction controller PCB

To integrate in a single fan system for control of the fan wired or wireless


Digital input/output module

To connect wired applications to the wireless world


Passive Infra-Red motion detector

Flush mounted motion detector to switch on ventilation and light


RS485 to RF interface

Connect your RS485 product/building control system to the wireless world. Support of many RF products for heating and ventilation


Ethernet to RF interface

Connect the wireless ventilation and heating world to the outside world for new business applications

Use to program devices in production


Sensors platform

On wall or flush mounted CO2, humidity and
temperature sensor for your system


User interface without display (possible flush mount)

Simple high quality and flexible solution


User interface with display (possible flush mount)

A user interface to control and adapt the heat recovery PCB


App and cloud solution

Open up new business opportunities

If you would like to receive a sample or would like more technical details please contact us.