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Ventilation systems

The world around us is changing quickly and customers sometimes ask us for new and unique functionality outside our portfolio. In such cases, we can customize our products to the new specification or develop a completely new solution in cooperation with the customer.  


Cloud and app solutions are costly features to develop for individual companies. To allow our customers and their customers to connect their products and manage their data, we developed the Airios cloud. In combination with the Airios app, we offer a unique solution to install, commission and control all heating and ventilation systems.


Climate controls

Cloud solutions

  • Customizable data collection: User configurable data collection in the cloud infrastructure. In principle all data registers can be collected. You determine which data to share with the cloud and for which data you build up history.

  • Restful API for (mobile) application support: Documented Restful API enabling you to develop your own application. Remote service API

  • Product statistics/status: The cloud portal provides you with the visualization of the collected data:

  • Number of products of each type in the field

  • Firmware version per product type: min. version, Release version, Test Version

  • Status and configuration of Device registers

  • Adjustable device registers: able to Delete and Edit device registers

  • Last time connection with the product - Error status of the products

  • Graphical data presentation: For some of the data (temperature, humidity, CO2, ventilation level), graphs are visually represented. This allows pattern tracking throughout a certain period of time.

  • Data communication: Controlled and configurable data communication frequency. Appliance triggers data combination.

  • Secure communication: Data Servers are hosted in Europe, not in public IP domain.

  • GDPR compliancy: All data collection is anonymous. User data is stored in a database separate from the system data. Only one-way reference. In backend the Google cloud service is used and in the frontend a portal supports your online information of your systems in the field. Cloud servers are located in Western-Europe. Data is stored and encrypted in the cloud.

  • Scalable: Your cloud infrastructure will grow with your business needs. You can start small and can easily scale up when more customers with their products are connected.

  • Remote upgrade of Gateway: The cloud service receives its data via our Gateway.

  • Joint data controllership: When using the cloud infrastructure there is a joint controllership and responsibility for the personal data stored and processed in the Airios User database. Airios is responsible for the personal data required to grant access to the end-user’s data. Your company will be responsible for the processing of personal data that you collect from the end user.

  • For the end-user, your company will be the selling party and therefore you are responsible for the privacy statement related to the product/service. For the content of this statement, the Airios privacy statement can be consulted:


Our Cloud solution is designed and developed at the intersection of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Below, a simplified overview of the Cloud infrastructure is presented.

Clous solutions

Custom-made solutions

Custom-made (tailor-made or ready-to-use) solution is a solution prepared according to the customer specific needs and requirements. Custom-made solution is a product, with a real practical application compared to the conventional standard solutions. We are able to create a customer specific product that is only intended for a specific customer.

Please contact out sales to discuss the possibilities.

Custom-made solutions

Joint development

At Airios we are used to creating new opportunities together with customers. If there is a good idea, we can explore it and use our R&D to further develop it in a joint effort.

Please contact out sales to discuss the possibilities.

Joint development

If you would like to receive more information please contact us.

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