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Needs of the end customer?

As a supplier to an OEM, how can you properly inventory the needs of the end customer?

On Friday, September 22, the Product Managers Club of the House of Technology was a guest at Airios in Veldhoven to discuss this case.

Airios supplies electronics products for the control of ventilation systems (printed circuit boards, sensors, displays, etc.). All are customized and platform solutions for OEMs. In order to serve the OEM as best as possible, Airios has collected information from the entire chain. There are many players in the market (architects, installers, distributors, project builders, housing associations, homeowners) and secondly, they are often customers of their customers. How do we deal with this?

The Product Managers have used their own experiences to help Airios. To the satisfaction of Airios, who actively have implemented the advice. It was a successful meeting and we look forward to the next one!


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