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  • Integrate RF components to your system

  • Small PCB to add on to your Electronic Circuit board

  • Interfaces: I2C, UART, USB, SPI

  • RF 868 MHz

  • Ideal for renovation and new projects or to add extra components without the need for cables

The Add-On bridge gives you the opportunity to extend your products with all RF 868 components. It can be used to add wireless sensors to you ventilation system or to add wireless heating products to your setup. Also integrate it in your gateway to the outside world for mobile application. It provides you an easy way to have a complete wireless product portfolio to your products/systems. The data can be read out and written accordingly with a variant of the Modbus protocol, a widely spread communication protocol


In case you don’t choose an Airios solution as
controller for your system but you want to make the electronics by yourself and still you want to use other
RF components, then this Add-On bridge PCB can be integrated as a piggy back onto your PCB.

Then you have access to different sensors, user inter-
face, thermostats etc out of the Airios portfolio without the need to have full  knowledge on wireless solutions.

It will limit the risk of problems with wireless but still
having to full potential of wireless products.



Components that have been customized for the
customer can be added to this bridge.

The Add-On bridge PCB is made to be add-on, as a
piggy back, to your PCB.

For interfacing we use a Modbus protocol that can be communicated over I2C, UART, USB or SPI, depending on the chosen variant.



Add-On RF Bridge - BRDG



Heat recovery controller PCB - VMD

To integrate in a Heat recovery unit. It supports many different configurations and can be connected to other products either wirelessly or wired.


Digital input/output module

To connected wired applications to the wireless world


Passive Infra-Red motion detector

To complement the ventilation solution with motion detection​

RS485 to RF interface

Connect your RS485 product/building control
system to the wireless world. Support of many RF products for heating and ventilation


Ethernet to RF interface

Connect the wireless ventilation and heating world to the outside world for new business applications


Sensors platform

Wireless connect CO2, humidity and temperature sensor in your system

User interface without display (possible flush mount)

Simple high quality and flexible solution



Round thermostat

Simple but beautiful RF thermostat.


Radiator head

A wireless radiator head replacement which can be used for zoning.


Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating controller for 8 zones which can be cascaded.


OpenTherm® interface

To control OpenTherm® heating devices.

If you would like to receive a sample or would like more technical details please contact us.

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