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  • Humidity measurement of indoor air

  • RF communication with other equipment

  • Easy and fast installation, no wiring, RF technology

  • Capacitive button for manual control

  • 4 LED’s + 1 two colour LED for status indication

  • Battery powered


The sensor module gives you the flexibility to make

different solutions for your ventilation systems. It is now easy to make a demand controlled ventilation (DCV) system by using humidity sensors.


The sensor module is a device to measure air quality in a residential environment. The typical application is to measure indoor humidity in wet rooms and send this via RF to a ventilation unit.


The ventilation unit can react on the information from the sensor accordingly.

With the capacitive button a manual control function can be selected.



Sensor Module - VMS02HB04



Heat recovery controller PCB - VMD

To integrate in a Heat recovery unit. It supports many different configurations and can be connected to other products either wirelessly or wired.


Mechanical extraction controller PCB - VMC

To integrate in a single fan system for control of the fan wired or wireless.


Digital input/output module - VMS

To connect wired applications to the  wireless world


Passive Infra-Red motion detector - PIR

To complement the ventilation solution with motion detection.

RS485 to RF interface - BRDG

Connect your RS485 product/building control system to the wireless world. Support of many RF products for heating and ventilation.

Ethernet to RF interface - BRDG

Connect the wireless ventilation and heating world to the outside world for new business applications.


User interface with display (possible flush mount) - VMI

A user interface which can be adapted to your wishes.


Sensors platform - VMS

Wireless connect CO2, humidity and temperature sensor in your system.

If you would like to receive a sample or would like more technical details please contact us.

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