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  • 2 multi-color leds and 2 push buttons for status, configuration and binding

  • Flash memory for Firmware upgrade via USB of RF •    Auto ventilation

Zoning in a ventilation system means that two zones 
(sleeping zone and living zone) can be ventilated indepen-dently of each other, based on CO2 concentrations. If the CO2 concentration is higher than the set target value for the zone in question, the ventilation in that zone is  increased.


The zoning PCB gives you the opportunity to extend your products with zoning and is intended to support zoning with 2 dry zones supply air. It receives signals from the  wireless sensors to determine the ventilation needs of a zone.

The zoning PCB supports 5V,12V or 24V stepper with a max power of 4W. It is intended for a unipolar, 4-coil stepper motor.


The PCB communicates via RF with the Airios VMD and the Airios VMS sensors.

Optional sensors

  • CO2 sensor (either CO2 or VOC, not both)

  • VOC sensor (either CO2 or VOC, not both)

  • RH sensor

  • Differential pressure sensor



Valvescontrol For Zoning - VMZ-02V02



Mechanical extraction controller PCB

To integrate in a single fan system for control of the fan wired or wireless


Digital input/output module

To connect wired applications to the wireless world Passive Infra-Red motion detector


Passive Infra-Red motion detector

Flush mounted motion detector to switch on ventilation and light


RS485 to RF interface

Connect your RS485 product/building control system to the wireless world. Support of many RF products for heating and ventilation

Ethernet to RF interface

Connect the wireless ventilation and heating world to the outside world for new business applications -    Use to program devices in production

Sensors platform

On wall or flush mounted CO2, humidity and temperature sensor for your system


User interface without display (possible flush mount

Simple high quality and flexible solution


User interface with display (possible flush mount)

A user interface to control and adapt the heat recovery PCB

App and cloud solution

Open up new business opportunities

If you would like to receive a sample or would like more technical details please contact us.

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