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  • Humidity measurement of indoor air

  • Movement detection (PIR)

  • Line out to switch light

  • RF communication with other equipment

  • Easy and fast installation, RF communication •    Capacitive button for manual control

  • 4 green LED’s + 1 three colour LED for status indication

  • 230 VAC powered


Fits most round and square EU flush mount boxes.

The flush mounted sensor module gives you the  flexibility to make different solutions for your ventilation systems. It is now easy to make a demand controlled ventilation (DCV) system by using using humidity  sensors and motion detection. 


The sensor module is a device to measure air quality and movement in a residential environment. The typical application is to measure indoor humidity in wet rooms and send this via RF to a ventilation unit. And to detect motion to switch on the light and sent a ventilation request to the ventilation unit.


The ventilation unit can react on the information from the sensor accordingly.

With the capacitive button a manual control function can be selected.



VMI-02MPH04 nieuwste versie.png



Heat recovery controller PCB - VMD

To integrate in a Heat recovery unit. It supports many different configurations and can be connec-ted to other products either wirelessly or wired.

Mechanical extraction controller PCB - VMC

Mechanical extraction controller PCB - VMC fan wired or wireless.

Digital input/output module - VMS

To connect wired applications to the  wireless world


RS485 to RF interface - BRDG

Connect your RS485 product/building control system to the wireless world. Support of many RF products for heating and ventilation.

Ethernet to RF interface - BRDG

Connect the wireless ventilation and heating world to the outside world for new business applications.


Sensors platform - VMS

Wireless connect CO2, humidity and temperature sensor in your system.


User interface without display (possible flush mount) - VMN

Simple high quality and flexible solution

User interface with display (possible flush mount) - VMI

A user interface to control and adapt the heat recovery PCB

App and cloud solution

Open up new business opportunities

If you would like to receive a sample or would like more technical details please contact us.

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