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Are you looking for an innovative and challenging internship/graduation assignment?

At Airios, we offer multiple opportunities for both internship and graduation assignments, related to Software, Hardware, and Marketing & Sales. For the different departments, exciting topics are available. However, we are also open to your ideas so do not hesitate to share these with us!

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Embedded systems, sensor technology, Internet of Things, wireless communication, Bluetooth Low Energy, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, smart home and cloud computing.


Analog design, hardware design, PCB design, sensors, EMC/EMI testing, embedded hardware, microcontrollers, RF design, and manufacturing.


Product Marketing & Sales

Business development, business modeling, portfolio and stakeholder management, new product innovation and introduction, technological innovation, marketing strategy, and organizational change.

Throughout the whole project, we provide students with supportive and resourceful guidance of experienced Airios employees. The combination of your talent, creativity and commitment, and our professional experience can lead to surprising innovations. We like students that can bring a little extra to the table. Besides striving for academic exploration and further learning points for the actual (research) assignments, we also aim to contribute to your professional experience and personal development in a socially welcoming environment. Shortly, as a student, you are given all the space to develop yourself at Airios.

It is not only about work. Indeed, there is also time for enjoyment. We offer a company lunch and every Friday afternoon, we have drinks with the entire team. You can play pool, table football, and you can also work your magic on the PlayStation or on the chess board.


Are you a motivated student looking for a challenging assignment to fulfill at our company? Please send us your CV and a cover letter to: We will respond to your application as soon as possible.

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