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About Airios

With our innovative products and solutions, we press all the right buttons when it comes to sustainable and comfortable indoor climates. Both for homes and commercial buildings. We aim for ultra-clean air, low energy consumption and maximum user friendliness. In other words: we provide comfort par excellence.

Residential ventilation
Heat recovery unit
Climate controls

Leaders in comfort

We contribute to comfortable indoor climates by designing, developing and producing custom made electronics for ventilation systems. These may be individual components or a combination of elements for heating and cooling systems. With our products and solutions, we strive to stay ahead of European regulations on energy conservation, indoor climate and quality. Because if we lead the way, so will our customers. 

Made by people,
for people

People are Airios’ greatest strength. They are keen observers of market developments and needs. And they alone can transform that into the right solutions. As a powerful collective of creative thinkers and pragmatic doers, we challenge each other and our partners every day. In doing so, we are united in becoming best-in-class solution providers.

Ventilation systems
Indoor climate

Our core values

Airios is where people and technology converge. With technology as our passion and human prowess as our innovative strength. In our close-knit team, we challenge each other and bring out the best in each individual. The proof of our decades of success in this endeavour is reflected in our constant growth. We consistently achieve this by upholding the following core values.


Only the best is good enough. For us, and therefore also for our partners. They are the leaders in residential construction and they will only remain in that position if we excel in our performance. Day in and day out. At the product and solution level, as well as in terms of service. This ambition drives us in building sustainable comfort at every level.

History timeline

Having started 40 years ago with this progressive vision, we have now evolved into the leading organisation we are today.


Will you be part of our success story?

Do you want to help build a world of sustainable comfort? Read more about our DNA and have a look at our vacancies.

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