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We love to create a healthier world with state-of-the-art climate controls for homes and buildings. Airios’ key strength is in control systems for residential ventilation and heating systems. We strive to be a frontrunner in technology and continuously develop new solutions, helping to offer the most comfortable and healthy indoor climate in homes.

Residential ventilation
Heat recovery unit
Climate controls

What we do

At Airios we design, develop and produce (custom-made) electronics for residential ventilation systems. Clever design, both in software and hardware, is key. All our products and solutions comply with the latest regulations on energy saving, indoor climate conditions and quality.

How we do it

Our people are our key strength at Airios . We are alert to what our environment needs and act as one team to develop and manufacture the perfect solutions for those needs. We are pragmatic and creative and positively challenge each other for great results. What we do, we do best. We see customers as partners: by working closely together, together we become the best-in-class solution providers of the residential building industry.

Ventilation systems
Indoor climate

Where we come from

Airios was founded in 1982 and –trading under the name of Honeywell Customized Comfort Products- has been a joint venture company of Honeywell Inc since 2002. In 2019, new ambitions have led to a new name and brand. Airios is born and represents the ambition, innovation and team work that our organization stands for. 

Who we are

We create value through our people. We act as one team and positively challenge each other for great results. Our values trust, respect and support reflect the way we work. We are ambitious and eager, we surprise and excel. We believe that doing what you are passionate about is key for personal and business success. At Airios ‘we build for comfort' and challenge our people: 'create your own comfort zone'.

Find your place at Airios

Where do you feel comfortable? Explore our opportunities to find out how you can create your own comfort zone.

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