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We are on a sustainable mission every day

Our products contribute to a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with lower energy consumption levels. However, we are well aware that as producers, we are also contributing to climate change. Because anyone who produces, pollutes. We are conscious of this every single day and never walk away from our responsibilities. Sustainability is the common green thread that runs throughout our entire organisation. We strive to keep any negative impact due to our product composition to a minimum and stimulate the positive impact.

Read more about how we are contributing to a sustainable world.

Our sustainability ambitions are shaped by the following key points:

Airios and sustainability

Sustainable, state-of-the-art climate control

Greater energy-efficiency is always possible. We wake up every day with that thought in mind. And every day we continue developing our state-of-the-art climate control systems. Solutions that offers maximum comfort at minimum costs. This is how we are making a contribution to a sustainable society that is prepared for the future. 

Bolstering the
energy transition

We are focused on developing solutions that save energy and make use of generated energy. We are absolutely confident that we can help accelerate the energy transition in collaboration with homeowners and building owners. Thanks to our future-proof solutions, buildings/homes are achieving high marks in terms of ventilation performance and energy efficiency.

Planting the seeds of sustainability

With our commitment to a sustainable world, we also want to plant a seed with each of our suppliers and other partners. We aim to inspire them to adopt a green approach to their business operations, just as we have. Because although we are a commercial company, our true profit lies in a future-proof world. A place where people, flora and fauna all feel at home.

A sharp eye in the workplace

As a sustainable organisation, we always keep a sharp eye on everything within our own operations. Down to the smallest details. To give a few examples:

  • Separating and recycling waste: We separate our waste to the greatest extent possible. This includes collecting batteries in accordance with the Battery Directive 2006/66/EC and disassembling discarded electronics products. We then dispose of the materials separately. Waste is also separated in our offices and recycled wherever possible.


  • Thinking local: We make maximum use of the workforce that lives in our area. As part of our local ambitions, we also include sheltered workshops and give every opportunity to people with disabilities or with an immigrant background.


  • Energy policy in buildings: Our air circulation, heating and cooling systems work automatically and are controlled from one central location. Needless to say, we only use green energy that is generated by our own solar panels.


  • Paperless office: We organise all of our office work digitally as much as possible. And if it becomes necessary, then we only use paper with the sustainable FSC quality mark.

And lastly:
Working on a sustainable collective

A viable sustainability policy can only succeed if we work on it collectively. That is why at Airios we dedicate a great deal of attention to creating an internal support system. We discuss the topic of sustainability during our plenary sessions and inspire colleagues to help give shape to our green policy. Harnessing their technical knowledge and innovative power, we can make a world of difference together.

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