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Corporate social responsibility

At Airios we believe in a healthy and sustainable indoor climate for mainly residential buildings and we would like homeowners to achieve today's energy transition with our solutions that are future-proof and score highly on ventilation performance and energy efficiency.

Our biggest contribution to a sustainable society is the development and sale of our products that are being used to create state-of-the-art climate controls. We strive to make products that more energy efficient. We focus on the development of all-electric solutions aimed at sustainability, energy saving and the ability to use sustainably generated energy. We take into account the social effects of our activities within all business processes.

The comfort and health of the residents is our most important focus.

Airios sustainability

What does Airios do with regards to sustainability?

Airios is aware of the impact of its production on our planet. Through the production of electronics, our products contribute to climate change. We feel that it is our responsibility to care for this.

Vision sustainability

We strive to minimize the negative effects in the composition of our products and to stimulate the positive effects. We also have this attitude with regards to our entire internal business operations. We want to inspire our employees and suppliers and make them aware of the possibilities of working as 'green' as possible. It is our ambition to keep our footprint on the environment to a minimum.

Waste separation

We want to be a sustainable organization, which means that we collect and dispose all our waste separately as much as possible. We collect our batteries separately according to the battery 2006/66/EC. Waste electronics/products are disassembled and materials are removed separately. The waste at the office is also separated and where possible recycled by a second party.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We think it is very important that we create and maintain employment. If commercially feasible, we opt for local employment. Within Airios we offer opportunities to people with a Wajong Act and a migration background. We actively work with sheltered workshops, have an energy-conscious building including solar panels and strive to expand the policy further.

A good sustainability policy can only work if it is supported by all employees. In order to create internal support for sustainability policy, employees are informed about news in this area. Sustainability is discussed in company-wide meetings. In addition to properly informing employees, we also want employees to contribute ideas about the sustainability policy; both internally and externally. We use the knowledge of the employees. This is both their knowledge from their daily work, but also their knowledge gained in their employment history. We pay even more attention to this by asking employees to think about what they need to better integrate sustainability into their daily work.

Energy policy in the building

The (fresh) air circulation, including heating and cooling, works automatically and is controlled from one place for the entire building. We use green energy through our energy supplier.

Paper usage

Airios only uses paper with an FSC quality mark. We try to do as much digital as possible.

Bedrijfstuin Airios Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten .jpg




Airios came up with an idea to create a company garden around the office. 


In addition to the planting concept, sedum strips were installed on the galleries. Irrigation has been used there because there is little to no rain naturally.

The sedum on the galleries provides a visually attractive picture from the inside because it flows over to the ground where the company garden is located.


Our location along the A2 highway has given us an opportunity to create a visual representation of our commitment to sustainability by greening the galleries. We believe that a sustainable future is possible, and we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that make it a reality.


Join us today and become a part of a more sustainable world.

Bedrijfstuin Airios Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten .jpg

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