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Wireless sets

wireless sensors

Your benefits

Renovation is a time-consuming process and labor is a significant part of the total project costs. Removing the need for unnecessary cable runs saves time. A lot of time. It also leaves you free to place your sensors and controls where you want them.

Wireless RF sensors and user interfaces lower installation costs and increase installation flexibility.

0 – 10V VMC Converter

If a 0-10V converter is used, the data of the sensors and user interfaces is translated to a 0-10V input on your control board.


If the total system demand is zero, the output is 0V; if the demand is 100% the output is 10V.  


If your controller has relays for general failure or filter warning, these can be used for an input on the converter. The sensors and user interfaces will give LED error feedback.

Modbus Bridge

If you want more information to be exchanged between your controller and the sensors, i.e. you require all measured sensor values or you want to use the flush mount display, you can use a Modbus bridge. Practically all data can then be exchanged.


The Modbus RTU bridge can be connected in the field and the add-on bridge is factory fitted.

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