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We build for comfort

At Airios we love to create a healthier world with state-of-the-art climate controls for homes and buildings. We are a market leader in control systems for the residential OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) industry. We have more than 30 years’ experience in HVAC controls.


Airios is an independent organization.

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We develop and manufacture (custom made) electronics and software. Our products are used in ventilation and heating systems for residential and light commercial buildings.


We are also looking to expand our markets and are always interested in new OEM customers.

Our people are our key strength at Airios. We are alert to what the market needs and act as one team to develop and manufacture the right solutions for those needs. We are pragmatic and creative and positively challenge each other for great results. We see customers as partners: by working closely together, we become the best-in-class solution providers.


We create solutions

We have an open mind and actively explore all opportunities for innovation and to improve our products and our customers’ products. Together with the OEM’s we identify the needs and then check to see if we already have the solution in our products or if we need to create a customer specific solution. After we have fine-tuned the needs, we will test it in the field to see if everything works according to the specifications. The production will then start and installation will take place. Our cloud and app solutions can then be implemented that will generate data that will be used for future improvements. 

Join the Airios community

We are always interested in passionate people looking for a new challenge. At Airios we encourage you to explore your comfort zone, to do what you are good at. Do what you like and you will automatically grow. Curious about your opportunities at Airios? Let us know.

Find your place at Airios

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New products

At Airios we are thrilled about new inventions. Every day we innovate and design for our customers and our business partners. We make state-of-the art climate controls and custom-made electronics.

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Values of Airios

We create value through our people. Our Airios Values help create the culture that sets us apart. We invite you to meet Airios. It's all about people and comfort. That's what we build for.

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Team work is fun

Sharing knowledge and working together creates better products and brings more fun. That is the way we grow. That is the way to stay in shape. Come join Airios.

Residential ventilation

Work in your comfort zone

We want to make the best products, every day. Therefore, we innovate with passion and joy, like it was always meant to be. That's why it's comfortable.

Do you want to accelerate your career? Create your own comfort zone at Airios.

Stay tuned

Stay ahead of the curve with the Airios coverage of product innovations, company news and other stuff you want to know about.

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