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Comfort makes us happy.

It makes us appreciate and enjoy the environment we live in. Comfort makes us aware. Because a clean environment ensures a healthy and pleasant life. For everyone in our world.

We are Airios, and we build sustainable comfort.

For ourselves and for our future generations.

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Airios, a warm welcome

As a specialist in controllers, we develop and produce (custom made) electronics and software for ventilation and heating systems. Our sustainable products are mainly used in the residential market and in the light commercial buildings market. We supply both original equipment manufacturers as well as other partners in our chain. Organisations who, like us, demand the very highest quality standards.

The focus of our products is on:

  • Comfortable living for everyone, with minimal noise from ventilation systems.

  • Ventilation only where and when necessary in certain rooms.

  • Smart living, where all technologies and installations inside a building communicate with each other, exchange information and learn from each other.

In addition to this core business, as market leader we are committed to putting ventilation high on the EU agenda. With the aim of becoming more energy efficient and reducing energy waste. With this sustainability mission, we are committed to clean indoor climates, created as comfortable, healthy environments for everyone. We are pursuing this goal with a passionate dedication to technology, to the world around us, and to all future generations.

Our comfort, a notch above

Our innovative products and solutions give us complete control over sustainable and comfortable indoor climates. Both for residential and commercial buildings. We set high standards when it comes to ultra-clean air, low energy consumption, and optimised user friendliness. In other words: we pursue comfort par excellence.

Airios builds controls for ventilation

The pillars of Airios

All of our activities can be traced back to our pillars: comfort, energy, and air quality. These core values act as the driving force behind our products and solutions.


While the outside climate changes, so too does our indoor climate. In our quest for ultimate comfort, we keep everything cool and warm. At the same time, we also pay close attention to air quality, while avoiding any increase in noise levels caused by installations. We also set the bar high in terms of user comfort. In short: we strive for maximum comfort in our buildings with as few actions as possible. At Airios, we cater to discerning users with smart equipment. These devices can be operated via displays and apps or even by voice and hand gestures. They are the kinds of innovations that are standard at Airios, and that we continue to expand on together with our customers.


One device for all your products at home or at work. That is the ultimate example of smart technology. Especially if it also helps save energy. These kinds of sustainable solutions are high on our agenda. And if a room isn’t being used, you can just switch off the solutions. It’s that simple. And sustainable. 

Air quality

Good air quality should be a given. The right CO2 levels while also minimising the presence of aerosols, viruses, bacteria, microbes and particulates. All of these elements are accurately measured and automatically regulated. For example, through the supply of fresh, filtered air as well as humidification and dehumidification to combat mould, odours, allergies and other contaminants. This ensures great air quality without the user having to worry about a thing.

We are on a sustainable mission every day

Our products contribute to a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with lower energy consumption levels. However, we are well aware that as producers, we are also contributing to climate change. Because anyone who produces, pollutes. We are conscious of this every single day and never walk away from our responsibilities. Sustainability is the common green thread that runs throughout our entire organisation. We strive to keep any negative impact due to our product composition to a minimum and stimulate the positive impact.

Read more about how we are contributing to a sustainable world.

our solutions

Nothing is impossible. It is from that open-minded spirit that we innovate every day at Airios. We work together with our partners to identify their needs and anticipate future developments. We incorporate existing products, while also creating customer-specific solutions. We are proactive and forward-thinking. We address tomorrow’s needs. We test and fine-tune. We produce and assemble. And in the end, our solutions also enhance insight into data through our cloud and app solutions. Poised to offer the world ultimate comfort.


Our products

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists are pioneers in developing the best possible products.  In this process, we use a variety of simulation options and advanced testing technologies. This is how we help our customers market their products faster, more effectively and cost-efficiently. Have a look at our products here.

Join forces with Airios?

At Airios, we work in a welcoming yet challenging environment. A playground for technicians, where we are free to discover and innovate. Where there are technical surprises at every corner and we help each other stay up to date. In a place where everything revolves around healthy ambition, fun and openness. And where the door is always open for specialists who share our mindset.

Care to join us?

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Residential ventilation

Want to get to know us?

Would you like to find out more about our approach and vision for sustainable and comfortable indoor climates? Please leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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