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Airios RF

At Airos, we strive to provide the highest performance of our wireless products.  In our Radio Frequency laboratory equipped with highly accurate measurement devices, we develop transmitters, receivers and antennas to provide optimal performance for Bluetooth, WiFi and propriety 868MHz communication.   


The design of our antennas is supported by 2.5D Electromagnetic simulations and the implemented design is verified by 3D antenna pattern measurements in our dedicated RF measurement room. This room is properly shielded so that no external signal interferes with the measurements. Carbon loaded foam pyramidal absorbers are utilized to prevent any reflections to allow high accuracy in over the air measurements. We design transceivers, impedance matching circuitry, harmonic filters and diplexers for best transmitter efficiency, lowest signal distortion and lowest receiver noise. The quality of service in the field is guaranteed by extensive wireless link-budget analyses. The communication range and the quality of service is verified for every modulation-coding scheme and frequency of the corresponding communication protocol in the laboratory environment. We make projections on field performance using indoor propagation models for commercial, industrial or residential environments. 

Our designs are extensively tested by conducted and radiated pre-compliance measurements. Subsequently, the compliancy is tested and certified by notified bodies for the latest regulatory standards published by ETSI and FCC. 


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