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At Airios we make sure that we keep information and quality secure!

ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified

Recently Airios was granted the ISO 27001 certificate for a new implemented Information Security Management System. At the same time our Quality Management System was successfully RE-certified according to ISO 9001.

Information Security Management

In a world were information security and data protection are becoming more essential every day, we decided to implement a specialized management system that ensures top of the line information security for both our partners as ourselves.

This management system was successfully granted the ISO 27001 certificate. ISO 27001 is the worldwide standard for information security management. It enables us to manage the security of assets such as information, intellectual property, employee details and information entrusted by our respected partners.

In a project running over the course for almost a year, a wide range of guidelines, processes and procedures were drawn up to ensure that we can protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of our information and assets from threats and vulnerabilities.

Quality Management

The Information Security Management system is merged into our long-running Quality Management System. By consolidating both systems, we ensure optimal integration within our organization.

Our quality system ISO 9001 certification, which has been certified since 1996, is also successfully extended until 2024. That makes more than 25 years of quality management!

Using ISO 9001 helps our quality management systems perform at the highest level possible. This ensures that our respected partners get consistent and good-quality products and services.


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