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EU should recognise indoor air pollution as a health risk.

EUROPE: A group of leading European HVAC and building engineering associations are for EU recognition of indoor air pollution as a risk to human health. In a joint statement, the group, which includes EPEE, AREA and the EHPA, insist that the proper use of air quality systems will help reduce transmission of Covid-19 in office spaces, according to research.

The European Union, they say, does not currently recognise indoor air pollution as a risk to human health in the way it does outdoor pollution. The statement sets out the dangers of indoor air pollution and outlines proposals that would clean up indoor air. These include proper mechanical ventilation and alternatives including window airing, air treatment technologies and building automation and control systems. It insists that the lack of a “coherent EU legislative framework” for addressing indoor air pollution makes the upcoming revision of EU policies a key opportunity to support reduced air transmission of Covid-19.

The statement proposes adding quality standards and policies to a range of relevant directives, frameworks, such as the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the Occupational Safety and Health, Strategic Framework, and public procurement practices. In addition to the above, the statement is also signed by the European Ventilation Industry Association, the European Building Automation and Controls Association, GCP Europe – European association for building engineering services and LightingEurope.

Indoor air pollution

Source: Coolingpost


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