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Market research for our new control system

At Airios we are constantly working on new innovations. In this case we would like to give you a little bit more insight in one of our developments and explain to you how we have chosen the design of our new control system which we expect to bring to the market in 2024. The name of our new control system? Ivy!

...Which product design is most successful internationally?...

One of the product innovations from Airios is our new control system for controlling air quality and comfort in the home. Not only can the mechanical ventilation system be managed via the central control panel for quality, but also the central heating boiler and the heat pump for comfort. The innovative control panel also provides insight into, for example, energy consumption and CO2 levels. In addition, the resident can set the temperature and ventilation level per room. In addition to the central control panel, the Ivy Home, two more panels have been designed to complete the series: Ivy Room and Ivy Sense.

Studio Mango, a product development agency, has developed various designs for the control panel for this new operating system. It concerns three different design directions, which differ from each other in particular in terms of design / look & feel. Delta Market Research was asked to provide insight into the optimal product design through an international concept study in Italy, Poland and the Netherlands.

…Using a proven method for concept research…

Delta Market Research has been conducting concept tests for many years and has developed a research method that has proven its added value in various product categories. Using quantitative research, we map the overall assessment of product ideas based on a number of KPIs. With a number of in-depth questions about each concept, we also offer a qualitative insight into the advantages and points for improvement.

The international concept research for Airios is about answering the following two main questions. On the one hand: how is the concept as a whole assessed in the three European countries? On the other hand: which design direction and which type of control panel has the best chance of success?

…A quick start is possible, but a good concept description remains essential…

With innovative product ideas, investing time in a good concept description is essential to properly test the product concepts. A series of 5 slides per product were made about design, which explain step-by-step – in short terms – to the respondent how the innovative control system and the different panels work and what advantages they offer. The product sketches give a clear picture of the appearance of the control panels. Which design direction is preferred in this concept test: Simple & Minimal, Fluid & Luxurious or Friendly & Iconic?

… For a clear result…

After conducting the online concept research, Delta Market Research compared all KPI scores and compared them with the benchmark scores. These make it immediately clear where the pluses and minuses of each of the product concepts lie.

…Open answers provide crucial input for optimal product design…

Open answers make it clear which design elements of each of the product designs are most appealing and which aspects are more likely to raise doubts. In addition, the ultimate preference of homeowners is largely determined by which color control panel fits best in their interior.

Ultimately, Airios and Studio Mango arrive at an optimum: an adapted product design in which the strengths of each of the tested design directions are integrated. And also taking into account what is technically possible, what the production costs are, and the possibility to offer multiple colors.

Ivy, the new control system that will provide you with healthy air quality and comfort within your home! Coming to you in 2024!


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