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Range of RF communication.

With the increasing use of sensors and user interfaces in residential heating and ventilation systems, trouble-free communication is critical. When a wired solution is not an option, communication via our wireless Ramses RF protocol is the solution. It allows for 2-way communication between any components of the system. In case of a third-party control unit, our add-on bridge will take care of communication between the control unit and other components.

How reliable is 2-way RF communication?

The 2-way RF communication is extremely robust and reliable. When installed correctly the signal strength test feature allows the Installer to locate the system components where mutual signal reception is strong.

During communication, signals are sent several times to ensure receipt, and if any message is garbled, the error detection software recognizes this and ensures the message is repeated again. The benefit of the two way RF is that symbols showing successful communications and systems operation can appear on both transmitter and receiver, making testing and fault finding easy.

The comprehensive specifications of our wireless products mean that they are suitable for many types of buildings including single homes; apartments; multi occupancy homes; shops & small businesses. The wireless signal is proven to work through a wide variety of building materials (Concrete, brick, wood, etc).

We have tested the devices and our stated wireless ranges are:

  • Open field range approximately 100 metres

  • In home range 30 metres

The wireless signals will operate through one concrete floor up and down.

Need a greater range and thus enable communication over greater distances?

A repeater is a transceiver installation that receives a signal and retransmits it in real time at a different frequency, signal level and/or higher power. The aim is to obtain a greater range and thus enable communication over greater distances. You can use the BRDG-02M11 for example. This works ideally to extend the range and makes sure that all products have a strong connection.

If you have any questions about this product or our RF-communication, feel free to contact us by e-mail:


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