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Reasons why we should monitor CO2

The results of last week's poll on LinkedIn show that over 40% think that consumers will buy CO2 sensors for monitoring the level of air in their homes. A total of 24% are wondering how CO2 sensors will benefit them. Let's explain a couple of good reasons why you probably should have a CO2 sensor in your house:

- To most people, CO2 is simply a harmless gas that you cannot see or smell. In a poorly ventilated room, or in an enclosed or confined area, levels of CO2 can increase in a very short space of time. When reaching 2000 ppm CO2 symptoms can start to cause loss of concentration, headaches and sleepiness for example.

- Increased CO2 levels cause a direct and negative impact on cognitive and decision-making skills.

- In the most extreme cases, exceptionally high levels of CO2 can be unsafe.

- Monitoring and controlling CO2 levels can help improve energy efficiency in buildings – saving money and helping to save the planet at the same time!


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