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  • The sensor can be used for constant pressure control. Pressure in exhaust duct is measured and will be kept constant by changing the ventilation speed

  • The sensor is also used for constant flow control. Two sensors are required for measuring the flow in exhaust and supply ducts of the HRU. The VMD keeps the flow in the ducts constant by changing ventilation speed.

The flow control feature is further described in our Application Note AN00108EN Application Note VMD02RPS66 or 78 - Flow Control.


  • High reliability and long-term stability dP measurement

  • Excellent repeatability, almost no drift and offset

  • Calibrated and temperature compensated

  • Measurement range is from -500 Pa to 500 Pa with an accuracy of 0.1 Pa

The dP sensor gives you the opportunity to extend your products with flow control in combination with our VMD product family. The sensor gives a high reliable and long-term stable measurement with no drift and no offset. The VAC-02GJ02 is the combination of the dPsensor combined with a cap (to connect the cables to the sensor). The cap protects the sensor against dirt and damaging. It prevents wrong connection of sensor cable. The cable itself is not provided with the VAC-02GJ02. Typically, this sensor is used in combination with our VMD product, where the sensor is inserted in the corresponding connector on that product.






Heat recovery controller PCB - VMD

To integrate in a Heat recovery unit. It supports many different configurations and can be connected to other products either wirelessly or wired.


Mechanical extraction controller PCB - VMC

To integrate in a single fan system for control of the fan wired or wireless.


Digital input/output module - VMS

To connect wired applications to the  wireless world


RS485 to RF interface - BRDG

Connect your RS485 product/building control system to the wireless world. Support of many RF products for heating and ventilation.


Ethernet to RF interface - BRDG

Connect the wireless ventilation and heating world to the outside world for new business applications.


User interface with display (possible flush mount) - VMI

A user interface which can be adapted to your wishes.


Sensors platform - VMS

Wireless connect CO2, humidity and temperature sensor in your system.

If you would like to receive a sample or would like more technical details please contact us.

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