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New release of our heat recovery unit controllers, the VMD-02RPS66, VMD-02RPS78 and VMD-02RMS37

Our new VMD has a couple of new features that makes it an even more complete platform product. Our control for constant volume is to maintain optimal ventilation. Next to that, this VMD is able to transfer important data to the cloud in a fast way. As we all know, data is becoming more and more important and this VMD is already prepared for the future!

Does your system have EBM scroll fans? Then you will need our VMD-RMS37. This version has a special support for these type of fans.


  • Constant volume;

  • Faster updates to the cloud;

  • Output activated when motors are not running e.g.: closes valves when it is cold outside. It can also control an external device;

  • EBM Scroll fans support (VMD-02RMS37 only);

  • Balanced frost protection;

  • Support for our motion detection devices (PIR).

If you would like to receive a sample or would like more technical details please send an e-mail to:

Heat Recovery Unit Controller - VMD-02RPS66


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