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Every week our R&D department has one afternoon dedicated to trying out new stuff. This "stuff" can be anything: a new algorithm for a product, a tool to make us more efficient or even a new way of communicating. If it has the opportunity to add value to Airios and our customers, our engineers are encouraged to give it a go. We've named this event: Playground.

Playground fits perfectly with our core values, as it allows us to innovate and to keep improving. Besides that it's also a great opportunity for collaboration between members of different engineering teams. Most importantly, it's a lot of fun!

Some of the things our engineers have been experimenting with, include:

- Particulate Matter sensors (PM2.5);

- Making our firmware encryption easier to work with and even more secure;

- Using Bluetooth LE within the context of our appliances.

Also want to have fun at work and contribute to innovation? Check out the job opportunities on our website

Playground at Airios Netherlands


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