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The Netherlands

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Airios is a joint-venture with Resideo Technologies, inc.


Every week our R&D department has one afternoon dedicated to trying out new stuff. This "stuff" can be anything: a new algorithm for a product, a tool to make us more efficient or even a new way of communicating. If it has the opportunity to add value to Airios and our customers, our engineers are encouraged to give it a go. We've named this event: Playground.

Playground fits perfectly with our core values, as it allows us to innovate and to keep improving. Besides that it's also a great opportunity for collaboration between members of different engineering teams. Most importantly, it's a lot of fun!

Some of the things our engineers have been experimenting with, include:

- Particulate Matter sensors (PM2.5);

- Making our firmware encryption easier to work with and even more secure;

- Using Bluetooth LE within the context of our appliances.

Also want to have fun at work and contribute to innovation? Check out the job opportunities on our website https://www.airios.eu/careers