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Ventilation is very important!

By making sure that you ventilate you ensure clean air in your home, which is essential for your health. Polluted air causes or aggravates allergies, respiratory problems, irritation of mucous membranes and mold. Sometimes people think that ventilation is the same as airing. That is not the case and we will explain why.

Ventilate and air: the difference

By opening windows and doors against each other, you air the house. But as soon as you close the doors and windows, the polluted air cannot escape. When ventilating, you ensure that the polluted air is removed and fresh air is blown into the home non-stop.

In the past, houses were less well insulated, so that clean air entered the house through seams and cracks. In 2020, homes are better insulated and there are no more seams and cracks so that clean air can enter from outside.

Prevent air recirculation

Good ventilation is important for a healthy indoor climate. Especially now, it is possible that the corona virus can remain in the air for hours in a poorly ventilated room via aerosols. Prevent recirculation of air in the same room and provide the room with sufficient fresh air. We feel that the ventilation setting can be set higher so that the amount of air in homes is refreshed more often.

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